Sunday, October 5, 2008

Restaurant Spotlight: 237 Prince

Like most people in Athens, I'm drawn to the downtown scene when I go out to eat. However, last week I ventured outside my comfort zone over to 237 Prince Woodfire Grille (on Prince Avenue) - and it was well worth it.

First I just have to say how amazing it is to go somewhere and not have to worry about parking! There's a parking lot in The Bottleworks so you don't have to worry about cruising up and down Broad and Clayton fighting for a spot.

Walking into the restaurant, you enter a lounge and bar area which is separate from the restaurant. There is also outside seating on the patio so you have several places to enjoy your meal or a drink. The ambiance is great, the restaurant isn't too big and the big woodfire oven next to the bar is really cool.

They had a great selection of salads, entrees, and pasta dishes in addition to the unique pizza creations cooked in the woodfire oven.  The menu isn't too pricey, and there are great drink specials every night of the week.

I went back over the weekend to talk with the owner and find out a little more about what sets this restaurant apart from everything else Athens has to offer.

There are tons of great unique restaurants in Athens, and I'm definitely going to add 237 to my list of favorites.


Anonymous said...

It looks like 237 is closed ... =(

My wife and I were going to try it last Sunday and the lights were out and the sign was removed.

Hannah said...

Oh, I hope not! I've left a message for them and will report back when I find out their current status.

Jessica said...

Last I heard, the owners had a family emergency and had to leave town to handle it. My friend is handling their publicity, I'll post back when I hear anything official from her.

Cathey said...

I want to add that the wine list there is just huge. You can have good wines at reasonable prices and some very good buys if you know what you’re looking for.

Anonymous said...

This restaurant is closed, they went bankrupt offering fine dining to a college town.

Hannah said...

Yes, 237 Prince closed but I am excited to share that the new restaurant in this location, A Tavola, has opened to a warm reception from diners! Authentic Italian fare from Naples native Salvatore Bianco and executive chef Cosimo Altamura, who is from Puglia in Southern Italy. On the menu: Bianco family recipes including breads, pasta, risotto, and fresh seafood specials. Open for dinner six days a week and closed Sunday.